Information on Taxes

Taxes are imposed on the first day of January in each year. For pre- payment of taxes the following discounts are allowed:

Payments received in January 6.5% discount, February 5.5%, March 4%, April 3%, May 2%, June 1%, and July .5%.

To receive a discount for pre-payment, an estimate is calculated based on your previous years’ taxes.  NOTE:  Since 2015 there are no discounts for the School portion of your taxes.

When taxes remain UNPAID AFTER JULY 31st in the year they are imposed, there will be a MONTHLY 1% PENALTY ADDED TO UNPAID ACCOUNTS.

When taxes and penalties remain UNPAID AFTER DECEMBER 31st in the year in which they are imposed, they are deemed to be in arrears and are subject to a 12% penalty.

2021 was SAMA's Re-Valuation Year.  Assessments were based on a 2019 Market Value.