• Welcome to the Town of Aberdeen
  • Welcome to the Town of Aberdeen
  • Welcome to the Town of Aberdeen
  • Welcome to the Town of Aberdeen
  • Welcome to the Town of Aberdeen

Welcome to Aberdeen, Saskatchewan

Main Street Aberdeen

Come experience the Aberdeen advantage: proximity to Saskatoon, strong community spirit, development opportunities, K-12 school, award-winning rec. complex, and much more!

A community of 708 people, Aberdeen is only 18 minutes north-east of Saskatoon, just off Highway 41. One of the Saskatoon area’s best-kept secrets, Aberdeen offers a relaxed pace of life. Its affordability, small town atmosphere, and proximity to Saskatoon make it an ideal place to call home.


 For information on our Asset Management Plan please check out: https://www.fcm.ca/home/media/news-and-commentary/2018/communities-across-canada-receive-support-for-infrastructure-planning-green-innovation-and-climate-change-resiliency-initiatives/backgrounder.htm
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If you see a street light is out go to this address to directly report it to SaskPower https://saskpower.streetlightoutages.com/map/default.html

The Town Council of Aberdeen has invested in a Community Notification service that will advise you of Emergency Alerts, such as Boil Water Advisories, etc., and various Public Notifications to keep you informed and engaged in our community. To sign up go to register.voyent-alert.com. You can receive notifications by text, email or voice call. There is a tutorial to watch and sign up is simple. If you don't have a cell phone or internet access you can still set up notifications to your landline with the help of a family member or friend. We are requesting that all town residents register for this service so we can help each other stay safe. "Test" alerts will be issued in the upcoming months once we have the majority of users signed up. Please call the Town Office should you have any questions, (306)253-4311.

 Voyent Alert Brochure

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We are excited to share that the Town of Aberdeen has been selected by @CTJumpstart to receive a $15,000 grant from their Sport Relief Fund. The fund helps community sport organizations like ours continue to provide access to sport and play for Canadian kids. This grant will go a long way towards helping us to  help the Rec Complex continue to operate.  #SportReliefFund

Thanks Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities

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 The Aberdeen & Community Newsletter will no longer be distributed in the post office boxes. If you wish to pick up a copy they are available at the Town Office  or a digital copy is available on this website under newsletters. If you would like a copy emailed to you contact Anne at aberdeen.newsletter@gmail.com 

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The Aberdeen and District Charities Inc (ADCI) Board with the support of the Town of Aberdeen and the RM of Aberdeen Councils wish to inform everyone that the ADCI board will be exploring options of selling the Aberdeen Rec Complex (ARC), due to increasing financial demands of operating the ARC. 

The increasing financial demands of operating the ARC along with the large cost of the existing mortgage has made it unreasonable and financially unsound to continue this current business model. We have reached a point where both the Town of Aberdeen and the RM of Aberdeen cannot increase the level of financial support needed to meet the increasing cost of operating the ARC.

The ADCI Board has worked tirelessly for months to find viable options to turn the current financial situation of the ARC around to a more sustainable way so that the ARC will be around for our community to enjoy and use for many years to come.

The most promising option the ADCI Board have decided upon that would benefit our community is the option to sell the ARC. To find an interested party to purchase and operate the ARC, so that residents can continue to use the facility to meet their social and recreational needs.

To ensure that the new owner of the ARC is the proper fit to the community the Town of Aberdeen has made conditions of the sale that would restrict zoning to ensure that no industrial businesses could operate on the ARC property. The ADCI Board wants to ensure that no negative situations will impact school or the sports grounds around the ARC.

The ADCI Board has also taken into consideration the potential increased financial burdens being faced by local sports teams and social groups / clubs if current pricing to use the ARC increases with the new owner. The Town of Aberdeen and the RM of Aberdeen are prepared to subsidize these groups to ensure they will continue to thrive within the community.

The ADCI Board understand that there will be concerns from the community regarding this decision, but all parties involved are looking for the best option going forward for the rate payers within the Town and RM.


 The Aberdeen and District Charities Inc. Board