Voyent Alert Brochure

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 The Aberdeen & Community newsletter will no longer be distributed in the post office boxes.  They will be available at the post office for pick up.  Once the Town and R.M. Offices will be open to the public, copies will be available there as well.  Should you like a copy emailed to you please contact Anne at

Town Council usually meets the third Tuesday of the month at the town office.

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 As one may or may not have noticed, Highway 41 has become much busier.  This is due to major highway construction on Highway 5, by widening, adding shoulders, and making passing lanes on parts of the highway up to Humboldt. This is expected to take two years or longer before traffic will lighten up on 41. Hopefully this will make Highway 5 a safer highway to travel and lessen MVC calls that many departments service. 


Emergency lights and sirens always draw attention.  Our team regularly train, practice, and maintain our equipment and abilities to be prepared for any type of situation.  At an emergency scene, we ask that people respectfully maintain a safe distance away and keep road ways accessible for two-way traffic for emergency personnel.   



  Aberdeen & District Fire & Rescue

Fire Prevention Week ~ October 4-10, 2020


 Fire Safety Starts at Home…

 Kitchen fires are the #1 cause of home fires.  You can help protect your family and property by taking these fire steps.

 Smoke alarms save lives ONLY when they are working  

  • Test smoke alarms at least once a month – push the test button.
  • Install new batteries at least once a year or when your alarm “chirps” with a low battery warning.
  • Smoke alarms do wear out – replace every 10 years.

 Make an escape plan

  • Plan and then practice your escape.  Every member of your family should know at least two ways out from every room.
  • Make sure open doors and windows are easy to open.  When escaping from an upper story window, plan a safe way to the ground.
  • Pick a meeting place outside the home where every member of the family can gather once they’ve escaped. 
  • Know your local emergency number and call from a cell phone or a neighbor’s house.  Wait safely outside for the Fire Department to arrive.

 Child fire play

  • Children are fascinated by fire.  Teach them about the dangers of fire and put fire starters out of their reach.
  • Store matches and lighters up high or locked in cupboards.
  • Don’t leave children unsupervised around candles or open flames.
  • Teach your children their part in the family escape plan.
  • Let children know they should tell an adult if they find matches or lighters lying out – never to touch them.

 Heat safety

  • Keep space heaters and wood stoves off when you go to bed or leave the house.
  • Always turn space heaters off when you go to bed or leave the house.
  • Never leave children alone with a working fireplace, wood stove or space heater.
  • Use a metal spark screen on your fireplace.
  • Have your chimney inspected once a year by a professional.  Clean chimney and flue pipes of creosote build up.
  • Burn only dry, seasoned wood in wood stoves and fireplaces.

 Big fires start small

  • Don’t give fire a place to start.  Keep things neat.  Clear clutter and combustibles out of basements – particularly near furnaces and hot water heaters.
  • Never leave stove on, unattended.  Use pot cover to smother fire.
  • Do not overload an electrical outlet.
  • Store flammable liquids – like paint thinners and gasoline – outside the home.
  • Leave fire fighting to the experts.  Fire grows surprisingly fast.  Don’t waste precious seconds trying to control any but the smallest fire.  Get everyone out and call the Fire Department from a safe place.
  • Fire safety is a way of life.  Make an escape plan and practice it regularly.  Put reminders to check smoke alarms on the family calendar – and when the date comes up – make the check.  Make a regular fire safety inspection and correct any hazards you find.

Emergency 9-1-1

Drinking Water Annual Notice Quality and Compliance Compiled March 31 2020

Annual Waterworks Information 2020

2020 Assessment Listing

The Town Council of Aberdeen has passed a resolution to follow suit with the City of Saskatoon for Garage and Yard sales. They are currently allowed but follow provincial distancing guidelines.


 LORAAS ORGANICS WASTE/COMPOST                 Optional Program

  $10/cart per month, alternate week pickup starting Thursday May 13. Will operate to October 31
It is not to late to add your name to the list      Please call the office at (306)253-4311  to sign up

What is allowed in the Compost bin

For those that have signed up, Loraas will be coming out every second Thursday to pick up the green compost bins.