Please be advised that PCL Construction is performing work on the Railway bridge structure.   The bridge structure is approximately 7km east of Warman, 15km north of Saskatoon and 1km south of the Clarksboro Ferry crossing west of Aberdeen.

 The work on this structure required the construction of an earthen berm which now extends from the east bank of the river to approximately the midpoint of the river.   There has also been changes to the east bank as an access road to the berm has been constructed and a construction laydown area created on top of the hill in the farmers field.

 While the laydown area and berm are lit day and night, the laydown area, access road and berm create several potential hazards for snowmobilers in the area that may not be aware of the change in topography and river ice flows.   The berm projects above the water level, is rock faced, and as construction progresses, will have numerous hazards within its confines.   In addition, the berm has created increased water flows on the west side of the bridge which may impact the ability of the river to freeze over in this area.

 All snowmobilers are requested to keep clear of both the west and east sides of the bridge as there are potential hazards existing due to the construction project. 

 If questions arise, please do not hesitate to call.


 Shaun Gardner, B.Ed, GSC, Leed AP BD+C

Construction Manager

PCL Construction Management Inc. 

p 306-657-1461 c 306-221-9403


July 2017 and work has begun on the Community Build at 201 - Fifth Avenue. Check the Aberdeen town facebook page and the posters around town for photos of the build.

 Town Council usually meets the third Tuesday of the month at the town office.