Council Meetings


Mayor Renee Reimer Horner       Renee's Public Disclosure Statement
Deputy Mayor Ryan White          Ryan's Public Disclosure Statement                 
Councillor Brian Vandenberg             Brian's Public Disclosure Statement
Councillor Tracey Grand'Maison        Tracey's Public Disclosure Statement
Councillor Jacquie Griffiths                Jacquie's Public Disclosure Statement                          
Councillor Ben Levesque                   Ben's Public Disclosure Statement
Councillor Floyd Wudrick                   Floyd's Public Disclosure Statement

Town Council meetings are open to the Public and are held at 7:00pm the third Tuesday of the month.  Meetings are held in the Town of Aberdeen Council Chambers at 401C Main Street.

Any Delegations wishing to address Council are required to complete a Delegations Policy Form and have it submitted to the Town Office no later than the Thursday prior to Council meeting date.

                  2018 Council Agenda & Minutes                                                              2019 Council Agenda & Minutes

January 2018 Agenda            January 2018 Minutes           January 2019 Agenda          January 2019 Minutes
February 2018 Agenda           February 2018 Minutes         February 2019 Agenda        February 2019 Minutes
March 2018 Agenda               March 2018 Minutes              March 2019 Agenda            March 2019 Minutes
April 2018 Agenda                  April 2018 Minutes                April 2019 Agenda               April 2019 Minutes
May 2018 Agenda                  May 2018 Minutes                 May 2019 Agenda               May 2019 Minutes
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